In the shadow of Merapi

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The Book

In the Shadow of Merapi is at the moment only available in Swedish as an eBook, audiobook and soft cover book.

The second book Breathe out – Breathe in is in English and will be published in 2019. More information later.


In the shadow of Merapi is part of a larger project called Pathfinder, aimed at helping people live happier lives through active self-help.

By shifting our perspective and releasing old and toxic belief systems, we create a new path for ourselves on a personal level. At the same time we are empowering the collective.

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Mount Merapi is an active volcano close to Yogjakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia. In a small village located between the volcano and the city, I spend a few months writing.

From the balcony of this temporary Indonesian home of mine, I see Merapi breathing. Steam is continuously rising from the crater – the volcano is both beautiful and dangerous. She reminds the locals of the power of nature and Merapi is both calling people towards her and scaring them away.

Merapi’s latest eruption was in 2010. In a small village in the shadow of the volcano, 39 people were killed by hot volcanic dust travelling at fast speed down the mountain slopes. Scientists believe that Merapi might be devoloping into a super volcano, the greatest in the world. Under the island of Java there are huge amounts of magma, creating the biggest magma source on our planet today.

I this region people have throughout history built impressing temples to honor their gods and beliefs. Prambanan is a Hindu temple and Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. In the architecture across Java there are still traces of the Duch rule. But today this area is a predominantly Muslim region and the calls for prayer echo over cities and villages. Here, surrounded by mountains, rivers and tropical forests, there is a divine calm.

Close to the house where I’m writing my book, locals are growing rice on paddies filled with water. The fields remind me of mirrors scattered across a magical and tropical landscape. The volcanic ash from Merapi, which covers the ground during each eruption, has made the soil fertile.

The calming sounds from the nearby stream and the loud call of the gecko, create a harmonious atmosphere. The veil between the dimensions feels thin.

In the shadow of Merapi, the English edition is coming soon.


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