In the shadow of Merapi

Each tweet, photo, video and book aim at changing our perspective on life. We focus on uplifting the collective by providing soul food for the inner journey.

Latest news: Our book `Breathe Out – Breathe In´ is now available on Amazon. More info below!



In the shadow of Merapi is social media project – you find the links by scrolling down. On Twitter we focus on positive news – media content which give us hope for the future. On YouTube we are continuously uploading videos and recorded lectures. On Instagram we keep you updated on our activities.

Breathe Out – Breathe in is our latest book published in July 2019. It’s available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle worldwide. An additional paperback version is available for purchase in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

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The Book

Breathe Out – Breathe In is a guide on your journey towards greater harmony and peace. The ultimate goal is authenticity: essential for growing as a human being, fulfilling dreams and finding one’s mission in life. Breathe out all negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour. Breathe in love and let this energy heal you from within.

The author Joakim Haldin worked as a documentary filmmaker for almost 20 years. When living in India and Thailand he practiced meditation on a daily basis. After a few years of esoteric studies, he developed the ability of automatic writing and channelling. This book is a conversation between the author and his spiritual guide – answers to questions many of us have about life and the purpose of our existence.

Read Breathe Out – Breathe In in your own way and use it as inspiration for your unique journey. Take the first step towards a new life today. The book teaches you how small changes in your lifestyle will bring you in closer alignment with your higher self, thus illuminating the life path best suited for the person you are today.

Gain valuable insights on how to prioritize your wellbeing in order to achieve greater self-awareness. The book helps you reach the self-confidence needed to believe in your dreams and nurture them. It is always possible to turn your life around and create a new reality for yourself. Harmony and peace is surrounding you – breathe out and breathe in.

Breathe Out - Breathe In (e-book) Breathe Out - Breathe In (paperback)


In the shadow of Merapi is part of a larger project called Pathfinder, aimed at helping people live happier lives through active self-help.

By shifting our perspective and releasing old and toxic belief systems, we create a new path for ourselves on a personal level. At the same time we are empowering the collective.

Pathfinder is a TV format waiting to be produced. Would you like to support our first and International Pathfinder production? It will be in English and available online .

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Mount Merapi is an active volcano close to Yogjakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia. In a small village located between the volcano and the city, I spend a few months writing.

From the balcony of this temporary Indonesian home of mine, I see Merapi breathing. Steam is continuously rising from the crater – the volcano is both beautiful and dangerous. She reminds the locals of the power of nature and Merapi is both calling people towards her and scaring them away.


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